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By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC
Energy Consulting is not just about selling solar panels and batteries.  It consists of understanding at a high level all of the potential energy solutions for our Commercial, Industrial, and Corporate Clients.  This includes understanding utility rate classes, energy management software, demand response software, and of course all of the hardware (LED lighting, solar modules from multiple manufacturers, inverters, racking, mounting equipment, commercial energy storage systems, electric vehicle fast charging stations, etc) that goes into providing a turn key sustainability plan for your organization.  It also means understanding all of the applicable Federal and state tax credits, rebates, and other financial incentives in your local market.  Finally, energy consulting requires an in depth understanding of financing options and partners for various projects whether they be on site or off site.

As you can see from above working with an experienced energy consultant like myself can pay enormous dividends for your company or organization.  With energy technologies advancing every day it is a full time job just to keep up with all of the new products and solutions available in the marketplace!  To further complicate the situation, every market across the country is different.
No matter what the sustainability goals of your business, corporation, or organization are, we can help.  The process is very straight forward, and we can work on a fee or commission basis.  Our process consists of four steps.  They are:

  • Determine Corporate / Organization Renewable Energy Goals, Objectives, and Time Horizon. Is the corporation committing to 100% Renewable Energy? Does the corporation wish to ensure stability of operations in the event of grid outages? Does the corporation want to offer employees electric charging for their vehicles? What are the available resources for this strategy? What is the time horizon for the implementation of these goals? The answers to this fact-finding session are documented in a written synopsis so that all parties are in alignment in moving forward toward a common goal.


  • Data Analysis.  Our team will analyze existing energy consumption and interval data across the corporation’s facilities as well as project any future consumption from new facilities that are under construction.


  • Recommendation.  We will propose a solution based upon the objectives set forth in step one above to meet the renewable energy needs of your organization. This will include service provider(s), financing (if requested), project financials, equipment specifications, software specifications, utility energy savings, and carbon footprint offset.


  • Implementation.  We will remain involved in the implementation process to ensure smooth communication between the service providers and your organization.

As an Energy Consultant for my client BHR, INC. in Torrance, CA I recommended  DemandEx, a demand reduction software program from Extensible Energy.  This energy software solution will shift the HVAC loads in the 11,000 square foot office building allowing BHR to switch rate classes with SCE to GS-1A with no demand charges.  This solution will save the company roughly $93,000 over the next 15 years!


Interested in hiring Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC as your Energy Consultant to provide a turnkey renewable energy strategy for your business, corporation, or organization?  Get started by e-mailing us for a complimentary introductory Zoom video call to discuss your sustainability strategy today:

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