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Every new home in California should have solar panels to meet electricity needs, according to the California Energy Commission in 2018. Investing in solar panels comes with an initial cost but allows for significant returns to you and the environment. Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC offers solar consulting for homeowners in California.

Is Residential Solar a Good Investment?

Investing in a home solar system is good for your pocket and the environment. Solar panels work throughout the year to save you money, especially in California, which receives abundant sunshine all year round. Going solar gives your household access to essential energy free from the sun.

With electricity prices going upward nationwide, solar panels will significantly lower your monthly electricity bills. Solar pays for itself in about seven years. You also have a chance to earn extra income by benefiting from the credits available, which will be touched on later.

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How do you benefit from solar panels financially?

Regardless of whether you invest in your solar system upfront, or finance it with a solar loan, adding a home solar system will save you money now and for decades into the future (solar systems are warrantied for 25 years). If your California home’s electric bill is over $200 per month, you can expect to save 25% – 50% on your electric bill immediately if financing the project. If you chose to invest in the project upfront, the Return On Investment (ROI) is as little as 5-7 years depending on your utility and roof type. After this initial payback period is complete, you will be saving money every single year you stay in the home. Over a 25 year period the average California homeowner will save roughly $118,000 with a home solar system. To see how much money a home solar system will save you, please click here for a free turn key solar proposal.

What the average cost of solar for California?

Much like a roof is priced per square foot solar is priced per watt. While the price per watt of a home or business solar installation can vary throughout the state the average price per watt for a residential solar project in Southern California is $3.25 (for Tier one solar panels and central inverters). For more information on how much solar panels cost, please read my blog post here.

Services We Offer

Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC offers consultation for anyone wishing to install solar panels for their home. Our custom solar installations guarantee a payback in about seven years. We help you qualify for solar financing at zero cost and apply for appropriate incentives to make the most out of your investment. Bank on our extensive experience in the solar industry to get recommendations for the best residential solar installers. Trust us to get a successful solar installation project at optimal pricing.

We can help you keep more money in your wallet every month, call us at 310-499-3658 or Contact Us Today.

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Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC offers consultation for anyone wishing to install solar panels for their home.

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    Our projects use premium equipment and are sold at a lower price per watt than the average residential solar project in California.

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