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Technological advancements in solar energy make solar power more cost-effective and, consequently, a more attractive option than other fossil fuel sources. 


As a business owner, it is only natural to be concerned about your fluctuating electricity rates. These significant overhead costs make it harder to manage cash flow, considering the uncertainty such volatility in rates introduces to a business’s cost management. 

By going solar, you could reduce or even totally eliminate electricity bills, with solar power promising you an improved return on investment and low maintenance costs. 

What is commercial solar?

As can be easily inferred, this is solar power for businesses - for commercial usage. This is expansive, ranging from solar power for small to medium companies, and even for non-profits and government institutions. This type of solar spans any solar provision that doesn’t satiate residential needs. 

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Why choose solar power for your business?

You may be wondering why solar power is becoming increasingly attractive for businesses. Here’s why:

Solar power means reduced electricity bills

Don’t deny it: the unpredictability of your electricity bills is awful. These spikes can make cash flow management more challenging, especially in the face of inflation.

By going solar, you can significantly offset the grid power you utilize.

Additionally, when surplus power is generated by solar, there can be an anticlockwise movement of the utility meter. Therefore, your meter might actually run backward, effectively slashing your electricity bill even further.

Solar installations require minimal maintenance

Since you want to run an efficient business, a high-maintenance project is naturally unattractive to you. The good news is that your solar system has minimal maintenance needs upon being appropriately installed and optimized.

Typically, most solar panel installations come with warranties stretching up 25-30 years. Also, a solar panel is not loud when in operation and can reliably fulfill your electricity regardless of weather conditions.

Solar power gives you an impressive ROI

In business, it is all about the return on investment, isn’t it? Improvements in solar technology – alongside falling manufacturing costs – have been reducing the cost of solar installations. Since 2009, the cost of solar panels has dropped by 70%.

Why should I install a solar power and energy storage system at my business?

Recently, Congress extended federal tax credits for investment in solar energy and storage systems to 12/31/22. Couple that with the accelerated five-year depreciation schedule, and you have a very attractive ROI for commercial solar systems. ROIs are typically 4-5 years for these projects. Our financial analysis tools can help us ascertain the ROI of the solar-powered system for your business.

A solar power and energy storage system significantly reduces your utility costs—which keep rising annually. Once the system has paid for itself, you can produce free power. The energy storage system can serve you in two ways. It lowers power costs and also provides an alternative in case of power outages.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular with many Californians. You can install solar-powered charging stations at your business premises as an incentive for employees.

Show your clientele you care about the environment by installing a solar and energy storage system. Many of our customers include a non-carbon power source as part of their marketing strategies. You, too, can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 100% with a solar power system.

The best time to install a solar power and energy storage system is when putting on a new roof. You can combine the three into one project and reduce overall installation costs. We advise you to consult your tax adviser regarding this strategy as we don’t give tax advice.

Why Should I Hire Beach Cities Solar Consulting for my Commercial Solar Project?

BCSC has six years of experience working with various EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) and lending providers throughout California. We can cater a suitable solar and storage solution for your business at competitive prices. Focus solely on your business while we manage the entire bidding process for you.

Customers who finance their solar and energy storage systems benefit from immediate savings with zero capital investments. BCSC will work with your team to provide the best solutions for your business.

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Technological advancements in solar energy and storage make solar power more cost-effective, and consequently, a more attractive option than other fossil fuel sources.

As a business owner, it is only natural to be concerned about your rising electricity rates. These significant overhead costs make it harder to manage cash flow. Owning, and not renting, your electricity is a far better option than the outdated utility model.

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    We work with a variety of lenders that will provide you with a low cost solar loan or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) so that your business can start saving immediately without using existing credit lines or operating cash flow. We can structure the financing to reduce energy costs or provide for immediate lump sum tax incentives.

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