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Corporate Solar consulting

Our corporate solar consulting service is a fee based engagement for corporations that wish to establish a corporate renewable energy strategy. The strategy is built and implemented in the four steps outlined below.

Determine Corporate Renewable Energy Goals, Objectives, and Time Horizon.

Is the corporation committing to 100% Renewable Energy? Does the corporation wish to ensure stability of operations in the event of grid outages? Does the corporation want to offer employees electric charging for their vehicles? What are the available resources for this strategy? What is the time horizon for the implementation of these goals? The answers to this fact finding session are documented in a written synopsis so that all parties are in alignment in moving forward toward a common goal.

Data Analysis

Our team will analyze existing energy consumption and interval data across the corporation’s facilities as well as project any future consumption from new facilities that are under construction.


We will propose a solution based upon the objectives set forth in step one above to meet the renewable energy needs of the corporation. This will include service provider(s), financing (if requested), project financials, equipment specifications, utility energy savings, and carbon footprint offset.


We will remain involved in the implementation process to ensure smooth communication between the service providers and the corporation.

Solar Energy Consulting

BCSC LLC consulted on SKECHERS New Corporate Headquarters in Manhattan Beach, CA

Why huge corporations are going solar?

It makes financial sense for corporations to go solar. The larger the corporation, the more energy they use. Renting that energy from an electric utility provider is not in the financial best interest of the corporation. By investing in a rooftop solar project, solar carport, or solar farm a corporation can reduce energy expenses by roughly 30% and expect a financial return on investment in as little as 3-4 years! Alternatively, if the corporation would prefer to invest its cash flow into its business, Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC can provide Power Purchase Agreements whereby the corporation can go solar and save 10-15% on its energy costs with $0 capex investment and no maintenance costs for the lifetime of the solar system. Large corporations like Walmart are using this strategy across their portfolio of big box retail stores.


Solar seems like a big project. Why should I spend time and money on solar?

When you hire Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC to build a comprehensive corporate renewable energy strategy you can eliminate the massive time investment needed to educate your executive team on the inner workings of the solar energy industry. We will help define your corporate renewable energy goals, time horizon, and objectives; run a comprehensive data analysis of energy consumption across the corporation’s real estate portfolio; and build a custom, turn key corporate renewable energy strategy. The only action needed by the corporation will be to execute on the corporate renewable energy strategy. This strategy will save millions of dollars per year on the corporation’s energy costs.

How can I run my business on solar increase my bottom line?

Please reach out to us today for a custom turn key corporate renewable energy strategy consultation Zoom call.

If solar is so great, why isn’t everyone doing it?

They are. Over 280 global corporations have pledged to procure 100% of the energy required to power their operations from renewables.

Why should our business go solar now?

The sooner a corporation can get clear on their corporate renewable energy strategy the sooner they can implement the strategy across their portfolio and start saving money. The larger the corporation the longer it will take to transition to 100% renewable energy. Get started today by reaching out here.

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    Charity Donation


    Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC donates 5% of annual profits to environmental and social organizations that help protect and preserve our planet. Organizations that we have supported in the past include the Skechers Foundation, Manhattan Beach Rotary Club, The San Juan Rotary Club, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Los Angeles, Heal The Bay, and ParaLaNaturaleza.