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Sustainable Sports Stadiums

By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC

Sustainable Sports Stadiums

How are modern stadiums using renewables as a source of energy and which are the best stadiums for renewable energy in the world?

Sports stadiums require a huge amount of power, in particular on game days when lighting, air- conditioning, and video screens all consume electricity, along with a vast multitude of other energy-intensive demands. Even when not in use, stadiums and other sporting arenas need large amounts of power for maintenance.

Sustainable Sports Stadiums
Mercedes-Benz Stadium is an example of a sustainable sports stadium!

The possibilities for incorporating renewable energy technology into stadiums and the surrounding areas provide a huge opportunity for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This can include placing solar panels on roofs and on the roads leading toward the arenas.

The remarkable Mercedes-Benz arena cost $1.6bn when it was constructed in 2017, for the American football team Atlanta Falcons and Major League Soccer team Atlanta United FC. In collaboration with Georgia Power, over 4,000 solar panels were installed at the stadium and surrounding area. The panels were installed above car parks at the arena, at the stadium entry gates, and on the Georgia World Congress Centre, which forms part of the complex The project was developed over the course of three separate phases and should provide 1.6m
kWh of electricity per year once complete.

The T-Mobile Arena is a multi-purpose venue in Las Vegas that has been the location for Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor, UFC 200, and NHL team Vegas Golden Knights.

The arena uses high-efficiency LED lighting throughout to reduce energy usage, alongside high-efficiency heating systems. Other improvements include a reduction in the use of water and cooling energy used in the building.

Because of these measures the arena has been recognized for its efforts in sustainable energy by winning Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certification by the US Green Building Council (GBC), the first in Las Vegas to win the honor.

Yale Climate Connections recently reported on the solar-powered pavilion at Chase Field, home to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The structure provides fans with some shade near the entrance, all while generating clean energy for the grid — and it is not the only eco-friendly feature of the sprawling stadium. Chase Field also boasts LED concourse lights, low-flow sinks, and EV charging stations. The concessions team saves the grease from their churro dogs and other treats, recycling it into biodegradable diesel fuel.


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