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Solar System Audit

By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC

With over 3,000,000 existing rooftop solar systems installed in the United States (and growing daily) one of the most common inquiries our firm receives is for an existing solar system audit.  Some common concerns from customers include large annual true up bills from the electric utility, low solar energy production, equipment malfunctions, or a desire to increase the existing solar system size.  Often the company that the property owner used to install the solar system is no longer in business and they do not know where to turn!

If this situation sounds familiar to you do not fret!  At Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC, we offer remote existing solar system audits for both residential and commercial solar systems.  The benefit for the consumer to this service is that we are being compensated for our time and expertise, and not for selling any product.  It typically takes us one hour to complete an existing solar system audit after the necessary deliverables are received (see below).  As part of your existing solar system audit, we will review your electric utility bills, your existing solar system’s production, your existing solar system’s installation contract, and your existing solar system’s warranties and production guarantees (if there is one).  After we have reviewed this data, we will compile a written synopsis of the existing solar system’s energy production compared to an independent third-party production report.  We will also make recommendations on how to get your existing solar system back on track, which TOU rate is the most advantageous for your situation (if applicable), and even provide recommendations for add on solar systems if needed.

A Solar System Audit Can Determine If Your Inverter Is Not FunctioningA solar system audit can determine if your inverter is not functioning

Interested in an existing solar system audit?  E-mail us your most recent electric bill (all pages), annual true-up bill, a screenshot of your solar monitoring data, a picture of the inverter, the installation contract, and a picture of your electrical panel outside your home: info@beachcitiessolarconsulting.com