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Solar Panel Cleaning

By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC

Why is solar panel cleaning important?

Solar panel cleaning is important because it improve efficiency.  Clean solar panels are more efficient than dirty ones.  According to many statistical observations, this efficiency and performance improvement can be dramatic, up to 21% in residential arrays and up to 60% in commercial installations.  Regular cleaning can make a huge difference.  Most solar installation companies, as well as manufacturers, have specified regular cleaning as a warranty condition.  If there is no proof of regularly cleaning your solar panels, you may not be covered by the warranty.  Most solar panel owners don’t clean their panels after it rains because they think the rainwater will do it for them.  This is not true. There are lots of soft grains of sand, dust particles, and debris in the environment.  These will eventually add up and contribute to wear and tear when you don’t clean your solar panels regularly.  In time this build up on your solar panels will decrease your efficiency dramatically.  Cleaning your solar panels regularly does not take much time and is very affordable, so make sure that you don’t leave this important investment in your home or business unattended to.  It is generally recommended to clean solar panels every month in order to maintain the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the panels.  However, based on where your location and the level of dirt and pollution, the need for cleaning may be more frequent.

What happens if you don’t regularly clean your solar panels?
The system may not produce as much electricity as you think.  If you do not do solar panel cleaning the lifespan of the solar panel will decrease.   Not cleaning your solar panels can also make your electricity bills considerably higher.  Your solar panels may crack, which may lead to replacing your whole solar panel system.  Make sure you’re cleaning your solar panels to avoid these major issues.

What do you need to know about cleaning your solar panels? 

Most professionals recommend using room temperature water and a hose.  The best time for cleaning the panels is early morning or late evenings.  During the peak hours, not only are the panels too hot, but you may also lose significant generation.  On average, for a professional to clean your home solar panels prices typically range from $173-$225.  That figure can be much higher for larger commercial and industrial solar systems.  Many professionals charge by the hour or panel.


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