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Cleaning Solar Panels

By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC


Cleaning solar panels comes up in every solar project we consult on across the country!  Corporate, Industrial, and Agricultural solar asset owners want to know: Do I need to clean my solar panels?

The short answer to that question is YES!  I will discuss what I believe to be the best solar panel cleaning solution in the marketplace today in more detail below.

If your panels are dirty, you are losing money. This means you start losing money just days after a manual cleaning.  Most solar asset owners will have their systems cleaned twice a year, which allows soiling to build up over months, leading to production losses due to irregular cleaning.

Many solar installers do not offer cleaning solar panel services, so once they have built a project they are on to the next, leaving the asset owner with a less than efficient system that could be generating up to 30% more energy and saving potentially hundreds of thousands of more dollars!

So what is a solar asset owner to do?  As with most problems we face in the 21st Century, this problem can be solved with technology.

Insert RST NightWash™.  RST NightWash™ is a fully automated solar panel cleaning system with no moving parts that you can control from your phone.  Clean your system whenever you want and keep your panels clean all the time.  RST’s trusted system cleans over 2,000,000 panels each night.  Their fully automated solar panel cleaning system can increase your solar panels’ production up to 30%, simply by proactively cleaning your panels nightly to prevent soiling losses.  By cleaning your system at night, RST protects your panel warranty and avoids the hassle, liability, and cost of frequent manual cleanings.

Cleaning Solar Panels
Cleaning Solar Panels is EASY with the RST Nightwash system!

Unlike traditional manual cleaning processes that require system owners to manage scheduling and on-site logistics, the RST NightWash™ system can be controlled entirely from your mobile app.  Just set the schedule and forget about it. This keeps people off your roof and away from high voltage equipment, reducing liability and the risk of damage to your property.  The installation is easy, straightforward, does not require a permit, and typically can be completed in a few days.

RST holds two patents that allows their systems to deliver water effectively and efficiently with no moving parts. Their technology has been closely inspected by a variety of panel manufacturers who have determined that RST’s NightWash system is not only effective but also meets their panels’ maintenance requirements and specifications.  We have recommended their system to clients over the years and they have been thrilled with the results!  As an added benefit, purchasing an RST NightWash system during the calendar year of your solar system installation may make the equipment eligible for the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit.  (Disclaimer: please check with your CPA for tax guidance.  We are not tax advisers and do not provide tax advice).  Regardless of when you install your RST Nightwash system, you will see a very quick return on investment with years of added production and savings to come!

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