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Solar Land Lease

By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC


Solar Land Lease Options


How to Get a Solar Farm on Your Land

If you’re a land owner with unused land, you may wonder what to do with it. Have you considered leasing it for a solar farm? Leasing your land for a solar panel farm is a great way to use your open land while giving back to the environment. Let’s explore your solar options so you can select the right type of renewable energy solar solution for your land.

Why Should You Lease Land to a Solar Farm?

Before you lease your land to a solar farm, you should know why it’s a good idea and understand your own reasons for doing it. First, take a look at your land. If it’s a flat, open space that’s at least 20 to 25 acres, your land is a good candidate for an average-sized solar panel farm. You should also know that once a solar developer installs the solar panels, they’ll have very little impact on the physical state of your land. However, the presence of solar panels can improve your future land values. Land leasing for solar also provides you with a steady, reliable income stream for decades!

While these are great benefits, you should also know your own personal reasons for leasing the land to a solar farm. Do you want to get involved with renewable energy? Do you want to help generate renewable energy and help distribute it into your community? If you do, you should lease your land to a solar developer.

Utility Scale Solar Solutions

When you lease your land for a solar farm, you can gain a lot from leasing it for a utility scale project. What is a utility scale solar project? It’s a solar project where a utility company leases your land to generate solar energy and return it to the electrical grid. Then the grid distributes that renewable energy to the surrounding community.  BCSC LLC can work with you to lease your land to nearby utility companies that want to generate solar energy for their consumers. We make sure you generate reliable income through your land, and we manage and maintain the solar farm throughout its lifespan, so you don’t have to take care of it. We simply install the solar panels on your land, and then you reap the benefits of that utility scale solution.

Other Solar Leasing Options

Of course, utility scale solar projects aren’t your only solar land leasing options. You can also lease the land to a company, university, or municipality that purchases the solar farm outright. Or you can lease your land to a solar developer, who owns the solar panels and sells the energy to a company, university, or municipality through a power purchase agreement (PPA). Our team can work with you to determine which solar project is best for your land and your real estate needs.  Inquire today by calling 310-499-3658 or through the contact us button below!