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Solar Installer Scope Of Work

By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC

What is a solar installer’s scope of work?

Here are some of the duties of a solar installer:

  • Plan PV system configurations based on consumer or business needs and site conditions.
  • Measurement, cutting, and assembling the support structure for solar PV panels.
  • Ensure that the solar modules, panels, and support structures to be installed are following building codes and standards.
  • Connect PV panels to the electrical grid. Perform weather sealing of the equipment being installed. Verify performance, activate, and test PV system.
What does a solar installation look like?  Installing a PV system includes these steps:
  • To install a new solar system, the solar panel technician must assess a client’s location (home or business).  From this initial evaluation, the technician can determine how much sunlight the different types of panels will benefit from at a specific location.
  • A PV solar installer will design and prepare the system layout based on specific site characteristics.
  • They will obtain permits.
  • Measure, cut, and assemble bolting structural framing, and solar modules then safely attach panels to roof or ground mount, wire, and connect the system to an inverter.
  • Check the installed equipment, structures, or materials to determine code and safety compliance.
  • Finally, solar installers will commission the system, ensuring that it meets basic performance estimates.

Solar installers specialize in either industrial and commercial (typically large businesses), or residential homes.  A solar installer must meet all their state requirements for certification, which includes having a solar license (you will want to check this license for complaints, fines, and suspensions – if they have fines or suspensions this is a RED FLAG).  Many high quality installers also have their electrical and general contracting licenses.  A NABCEP certification, though not necessary, is a plus.

Solar Installers should have NABCEP certification
Solar Installers With NABCEP Certification Have Undergone Additional Training and Professional Certification

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