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Solar EPC Firms

By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC

Solar EPC Firms

What is a solar engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm and what services does it offer?

EPC in the solar industry means engineering, procurement, and construction. It is a term that is widely used by companies that provide end-to-end solar energy services, including designing the system, procuring the equipment for the system, and installing it.


Solar EPC Firms
Solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction companies are a one-stop shop for your solar project!

Breaking down the solar EPC company

A solar EPC firm is more sophisticated, professional, and reliable than a typical installation company. Their services are more advanced using state of the art technology, providing you with a solar system, which is undoubtedly a long term investment.

The services offered by an EPC solar firm that assures you a maximum return on investment include:

Detailed solar engineering design

The design is customized in a way that suits your dream solar system while not limiting your budget. At this particular stage, the processes involved are:

  • Analyze the client’s requirements and the proposed solar system
  • Perform a site survey to check the viability of the solar system
  • Determine the best structural design and maximum power generation capacity based on site(s).
  • Selecting the equipment to use
  • Submit plans to AHJ

Procurement of solar equipment

All professional solar EPC companies get Tier 1 equipment from the best manufacturing companies freeing you the hassle of finding the right supplier. A quality solar EPC company will negotiate with the major manufacturers to lock in competitive pricing and comprehensive warranty terms.

Solar panel construction

This is the last stage of the process, and the activity involves mounting the solar panels, accessories, and installing grid connectivity along with solar implementation in line with your existing power supply system.

After installation, the solar EPC company will offer after-sale services like maintaining your system through equipment monitoring and maintenance.

When working with a licensed solar EPC firm, all the services are under one contract for the entire project, including taxes. This means that you only have one bill to pay, and you don’t have to outsource for any services involved in your system’s construction. This provides peace of mind because you only have one point of contact throughout the entire project.

With other solar companies, you may find yourself responding to an ad that is actually a lead generator that will sell your information to several companies that will contact you with a bid. Your financing, installation, engineering, and solar design may also be subcontracted, making it harder for you to know what work is being done, and by whom. That can quickly turn into a lot of cooks in one solar-powered kitchen.

Types of solar companies

Looking for a quick reference guide to understanding and comparing solar companies? Here’s a breakdown of the different types of solar companies out there:

  • Solar Equipment Manufacturers: These companies manufacture solar panels but most do not provide installation services or financing.
  • Solar Finance Companies: These companies help provide financing when you’re looking to purchase your solar energy system. They typically partner with solar dealers and solar installers.
  • Solar Lead Generation Companies: These companies generate leads for other solar companies. They act as a marketing & advertising firm for solar but do not represent a single company.
  • Solar Installers (subcontractors): These companies strictly install solar panels for other solar dealers who have hired them to perform the work.
  • Solar Brokers: Like a Real Estate broker, solar brokers do your shopping for you. They provide you with multiple bids on solar as opposed to a lead generation company that will sell your contact information to multiple solar companies that bid to you.
  • Solar EPCs (turn-key solar installer): These solar companies handle every step of the solar process from advertising, sale, design & project management, to installation and servicing.

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The Inflation Reduction Act has added MASSIVE DEMAND to an already booming industry!  Many solar EPC firms have full construction schedules through the end of next year!  Utilize our experience working with the best solar EPC firms across the country on your next project(s).

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