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Manhattan Beach Solar Panel Installation Savings

By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC

In the past six and a half years I have consulted on dozens of Manhattan Beach solar panel installation projects.  Some of these projects were retrofits, some were new construction, and some were re-models.  These solar projects were built all over town including the Hill Section, the Sand Section, the Tree Section, East Manhattan Beach, and El Porto.  I have seen every type of roof in Manhattan Beach including Spanish Clay tile, concrete tile, composition shingle, metal, flat, and even rock roofs (which are no longer built).  Many of our customers have installed batteries with their solar projects to ensure resiliency when the grid goes down.

I love working in Manhattan Beach because it is my former hometown, and the city is very friendly when it comes to permitting solar projects (typically a 3-4 week turn around).  Manhattan Beach is primarily a residential community with large homes, tons of Tesla drivers, wine cellars, and air conditioning meaning large electric bills and a huge need for solar.  This is also a community that wants to be green and do the right thing for the planet and future generations.

Case Study

Let us look at an average home in Manhattan Beach paying $300 per month to Southern California Edison.  SCE raised rates in 2021 by 7.63%!  If we do the math, this homeowner will pay SCE $214,677 over 25 years if they stay in their home and continue renting their electricity from the utility!  Alternatively, this same homeowner can install a solar and battery system for $52,500 (assuming there is no other work needed for the installation, like an electrical panel upgrade or re-roof).  After we factor in the 26% Federal tax credit of $13,650 the net investment in the solar and battery storage project is $38,850 giving this Manhattan Beach homeowner lifetime solar savings of $175,827 (over 25 years)!

Manhattan Beach Solar Installation

I consulted on this Manhattan Beach solar panel installation project with a Spanish clay tile roof and $400 SCE bill in 2017.

Want to see how much money you can save with a home solar panel and battery system?  Get your turnkey solar panel and solar battery proposal with ROI and financing options by e-mailing us your most recent electric bill (all pages), a picture of the electrical panel outside your home, and a picture of your roof today: info@beachcitiessolarconsulting.com