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By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC

Commercial Solar Panel Installation


Commercial solar panel installation is not as simple as purchasing solar panels and attaching them to your roof.  At Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC, we have developed a tried and trusted approach that allows us to assess each businesses needs and complete the necessary due diligence steps to deliver a project on time and on budget!  After analyzing your facilities energy consumption, roof, parking space, and/or vacant land we will provide your management team with a custom proposal from one of our pre-qualified providers with over a decade of commercial solar panel installation experience.  This proposal will detail return on investment (ROI), energy savings, utility offset, and internal rate of return on the project.  It will also specify equipment, including inverters and solar modules.  If financing is needed, we will bring in one of our financing partners https://www.beachcitiessolarconsulting.com/commercial-solar-financing/.  

commercial solar panel installation
BCSC LLC was awarded three rooftop solar projects for SKECHERS new corporate headquarters. Project # 2 was recently completed at 2901 PCH Hermosa Beach, CA.

After your management team has determined the best path to move forward with the project (cash purchase or financing), our EPC partner will thoroughly examine and survey the desired installation site, whether it’s on top of a building or within your property line.  They will identify the ideal location and determine the best way to connect the solar system to the structure and local power grid.

The next step in the process, design, is when our EPC partners have their solar engineers develop the blueprints and finalize a comprehensive installation plan. This plan will cover the components to be used, installation procedures, and other factors required to complete the installation.  After design, plans are submitted to the local Authorized Housing Jursidiction (AHJ) to approval.  This can take between two to six months based on complexity of the project and a variety of other factors.  Upon AHJ approval, our EPC partner will work closely with your team to tailor the installation plan to create minimal disruption to your business. The time it takes to complete the installation will depend on the size and scope of the project.  Most commercial solar panel installations take between a few weeks to several months to complete.

During construction, our EPC partners maintain strict quality controls and adhere to well-established protocols, allowing their crews to work quickly and provide the highest quality throughout the process. Once construction is complete, they will thoroughly examine and test the system to ensure that all components and functions are operational and performing up to standard (system commissioning).

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Retrofits 

All BCSC LLC commercial solar panel installation partners can install either a roof penetration (or anchored) system or a ballast system (no roof penetrations) on existing commercial structures.  Our partners have extensive experience with both types of systems and can determine which type of system is ideal for your roof type during the design process.  If your business has a parking lot, including a solar carport is a great idea for additional onsite solar generation.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation For New Construction In California

BCSC LLC has completed requests for quotation for a number of large companies, including SKECHERS, INC. (we were awarded three new construction rooftop solar projects in 2020 for their corporate headquarter expansion).  We have nine years of experience working with large companies helping them install solar panels on new construction.  You can never bring us in too soon!

California Commercial Solar Requires Union Labor

California commercial solar requires union labor starting January 1, 2023.  Assembly Bill (AB) 2143, which was signed in September 2022, includes new prevailing wage requirements on large solar energy projects that opt-in to receive net energy metering, as well as tools for enforcement and goal setting.  This state mandate will increase project costs roughly 30%!  We are recommending to all of our commercial clients, to contract and submit utility interconnection paperwork ASAP to avoid the cost increase.

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