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Commercial Solar Consulting For Roofers

By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC

Commercial Solar Consulting For Roofers

Bundling solar and roofing into one package saves large companies money and gives commercial roofers a lucrative new income stream. BCSC LLC provides commercial solar consulting services for roofers looking to expand their book of business and add a new revenue stream!   This blog addresses why commercial roofers should partner with us to leverage our experience and track record while allowing you to focus on growing your roofing business.

The solar installation market is thriving. We’ve already seen incredible solar adoption and job growth for years, and that growth is expected to skyrocket. There are many reasons for this growth, from rapid decarbonization of the world’s energy and its ecological benefits, to the simple fact that it saves businesses money.

The fact that solar panels can last up to 30 years gives commercial roofing businesses an additional leg up, before a business can install rooftop solar, the roof may need to be replaced.

As a commercial roofer, your knowledge, experience, and connections set you up for a logical — and lucrative — jump into solar installation.

Commercial Solar Consulting For Roofers
Commercial roofers can monetize their existing book of business by partnering with BCSC LLC to add solar installation services.

Why should a commercial roofer get into the solar business?

Currently, a typical commercial solar installation can have a payback period of as little as four years (in states like California where the cost of electricity is high, this payback can go out to 10 years in states with low electricity rates, like Florida).  As technology improves, so as long as the sun keeps shining, there’s going to be a huge demand for solar panels.  Adding this product to your existing book of business can be very lucrative, especially if you have been in business for a long time.

We are on the cusp of the greatest energy transition in history, and solar will lead the charge. For those wanting to add solar installations to their commercial roofing business, there’s no better time than the present. Consider the following:

  • Often times commercial solar installations don’t go through because a new roof is needed at the time of installation.
  • As a roofing contractor, you can reinforce the economic benefits of going solar with your customer, including potentially monetizing the solar Federal tax credit on the re-roof scope of work: https://www.beachcitiessolarconsulting.com/solar-federal-tax-credit-increases/
  • Coordinating schedules and work is easier when both parties are familiar with each other
  • One roof warranty for the business instead of two (solar penetrations and re-roof)
  • Large businesses are already looking for solar installation services

As a roofer, you already have a huge advantage for starting your new solar business: You have a reputation and established client base that trusts you.

Bundling a new commercial roof and solar install can potentially save your customers serious money, after the tax credits and other incentives, the roof may even be free!

Start by simply asking your roofing customers if they’ve ever considered solar.  Then reach out to us via the contact us button below.

Challenges facing roofers trying to sell or install commercial solar

As a commercial roofer, do you know how to properly size a solar system?  What about pricing?  Are you familiar with commercial solar pricing, including rooftop, ground mounts, and solar carports?  How deep is your knowledge of the actual equipment being installed?  Do you know the difference between various panel and inverter manufacturers?  https://www.beachcitiessolarconsulting.com/commercial-solar-panels-top-5/.  What if your customer wants to run a competitive RFP?  Are you familiar with local incentives, including utility rebates, tax credits, and feed in tariffs?

Then comes the actual work.  Do you know how long it will take to complete plans, or procure a solar permit?  After the project is built, what is necessary for it to pass AHJ final inspection?  When can your customer expect PTO?

It’s essential that you know the ins and outs of how local utilities operate in your customer’s geographic area. Do they have requirements for interconnecting solar to their grid? What are their requirements that might affect installation? What are the net metering policies?

Proposal and design tools and experience

You need the right software to accurately model and visualize solar systems for your clients.  Many commercial customers do not understand their electric bills, and commercial demand charges: https://www.beachcitiessolarconsulting.com/commercial-demand-charges/.  Prompt proposals and designs mean more contracts signed and a better overall customer experience.  BCSC LLC has over eight years of experience working with commercial solar design and proposal tools.  Put our experience to work for your clients!

Pre-screened EPC relationships

As a successful commercial roofer, the last thing you want to do is spend time (or even worse go through trial and error) finding qualified solar installers in your geographic area.  One bad recommendation to a unqualified solar installer, and you have lost your roofing customer for life!  BCSC LLC has over eight years of experience working with commercial engineering, construction, and procurement firms across the country!  Every contractor that we recommend has a strong statement of qualifications, proper licensure, adequate insurance, and a history of completing projects on time and on budget.  We have consulted on projects for Fortune 500 companies like Skechers and have a rolodex of pre-screened EPC contractor relationships in every major market in the USA.

One Stop Shop

BCSC LLC is a comprehensive solar advisory and brokerage firm.  If your client has multiple facilities, we can run a digital request for solar proposals (RFP) from thousands of qualified nationwide solar & storage providers on their behalf, ensuring the most competitive pricing in the marketplace.  In addition to RFP services, we provide LED lighting retrofits, battery storage, electric vehicle fast charging (EVFC) infrastructure, software solutions, and third-party financing to your customers, to facilitate their transition to renewable energy, on a brokerage basis.  Partnering with BCSC LLC is the easiest way to add turnkey renewable energy solutions to your existing client base, and be paid for doing so!

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