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By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC



Q) We don’t own our building. Can we still put solar on the roof?

A) While most of our clients own their facilities, yes, a tenant that establishes a roof-lease agreement with the landlord means they will be able to use the roof for a solar installation. The same framework can be used for other siting arrangements (for example, if there is land or a parking lot adjacent to the property on which the system could be installed).

Commercial Rooftop Solar FAQ
Large Business Owners and Executives can benefit from our commercial rooftop solar FAQ


Q) What if our business grows and we need to move premises?

A) The presence of an on-site solar system should be a major draw for prospective building owners (buyers) or tenants. This is because they will occupy a higher-quality asset than they otherwise would, one that will reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions compared with non-solar facilities. No business can function without an energy supply, so there is guaranteed demand for the benefits of the solar system. Note that if the system has been financed through a PPA, prospective buyers or tenants may wish to take on the agreement or be subject to a buy-out clause.

Q) Can a solar system be adapted if our energy needs change?

A) Yes. Solar systems are flexible and can often be increased in size to accommodate changes in energy needs. This might be, for example, if a company decides to electrify its fleet and has higher electricity usage as a result, or if it wishes to install an energy storage system.

Q) How quickly can a solar project be installed?

A) It typically takes 9- 14 months from making initial inquiries with a commercial solar installation company or project developer to having a system installed, operational, and producing carbon and cost savings. Note that one of the major variables in project development is the time required by utilities to consider applications to connect to the grid, as well as other planning work.  Utilites will require a minimum of 45 working days to consider an application to connect a solar PV system to the grid and any connection offer may have conditions attached. In most circumstances, for systems larger than 1MW, it will be necessary to obtain planning permission.

Q) I am a landlord. Why should I install a solar project if my tenants receive the benefit?

A) In this scenario there are still major benefits to installing onsite solar, the first being that you can charge your tenants for the electricity they use from the solar system.  In addition, installing solar may also increase the facilities value, and increase the speed at which it can be leased, given the advantages for tenants.  More and more large corporations are becoming green conscious and demanding that their supply chain be as clean and green as possible, which of course means using carbon free sources of electricity to power operations.

Q) What are the biggest risks?

A) As with any project, solar systems are not entirely risk-free. The major risk for a solar project is not employing a high-quality commercial solar installation company to carry out the work and going for the cheapest quote available.  Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC has over seven years of commercial solar consulting and installation experience.  Businesses that wish to install onsite solar power should make sure they carry out due diligence and employ a solar company with a proven track record in installations of the scale under consideration. Once operational, another key risk is failing to monitor and maintain the system correctly. Not doing so means possible faults could go undetected, therefore reducing system performance. Another possible risk is energy usage dropping below the point at which the project delivers expected returns. This means that the savings produced by a system will not be as high as intended. This is why it is important to have a clear understanding of current and projected future energy demand as part of the project appraisal process.

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