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By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC 

I recently had to fire our primary California home solar contractor because they were not communicating with us or our mutual clients.  My emails, texts, and phone calls would go unanswered, and no one would know what was going on with our mutual clients’ projects!  This contractor had not setup any internal systems and processes to manage home solar project workflow and communicate it to either their sales company partners or our mutual clients.  Inevitably this led to project delays and frustrated clients.  In one recent scenario I experienced, the contractor had installed a solar system but did not request a solar meter from LADWP (they had incorrectly requested a digital meter, not a solar meter).  The contractor told our mutual client they had received Permission to Operate (PTO) when they had not.  Due to the lack of an internal workflow system, I could not check to advise whether our client had received PTO or not (I could only advise that they would receive an email from LADWP on the PTO date, which they had not).  The PTO was delayed a month due to this error, and when I asked the contractor to make it right by paying our client’s LADWP bill for the month delay they caused, once again the contractor went silent.

Unfortunately, I have had this experience occur several times in the six years I have been in the solar industry.  Most California home solar contractors are not equipped to manage workflow for hundreds of installations per month.  Without the proper systems and processes in place it is inevitable that things will slip through the cracks.  This problem compounds when the solar contractor stops communicating as all parties lose confidence in their ability to deliver the project in a timely manner.

There are so many companies flooding this industry it is hard to know who is good and who is not.  Rest assured if you are choosing your California home solar contractor on price alone you are likely to have an experience like the one, I described above.  It is never a promising idea to choose the lowest bid on a home solar project!  Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for!

So, how does a California homeowner go about selecting a home solar contractor?  The first step would be to ask your friends, family, and neighbors who have gone solar for a referral.  These people in your network have already been through this process with the company they are recommending and would not recommend the California home solar contractor unless they had a positive experience.  The second step is to look at the California home solar contractor’s online reviews.  If the company does not have at least twenty-five reviews they should not be considered (most successful home solar contractors in California are installing at least thirty projects a month).

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