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Sonoma County Solar Panel Installation

By James Kennedy, Founder and President Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC


Sonoma County solar panel installation can range from a simple solar and battery storage quote to a formal request for proposal for a large vineyard https://www.beachcitiessolarconsulting.com/solar-request-for-proposal/.  Depending on your needs Beach Cities Solar Consulting LLC can act as your broker to pair you with the best local provider based on the scope of work (carport, ground mount, roof mount, with or without battery storage, or a combination of all of the above).  Keep in mind with the CPUC’s recent ruling on December 15th, 2022 vineyards will have to have their applications for interconnection submitted to PG&E by April 14th, 2023 in order to be grandfathered into the current net metering program (NEM 2.0): https://www.beachcitiessolarconsulting.com/california-solar-incentives-nem-3-0/.

Sonoma County Solar Panel Installation
Dozens of wineries in Sonoma County have gone solar!  Secure NEM 2.0 status with PG&E while you still can!

The current net metering program allows vineyards the ability to use the grid as storage (except for when it goes down, there will be no electricity without battery storage or a generator in this case), selling excess energy produced during the day back to PG&E to offset usage during the night from water pumps.  Due to the decrease in net metering compensation rates with NEM 3.0 this will no longer “pencil out” for vineyards and they will be forced to install battery storage to power their operations during the nights (and of course in grid outages) to make the numbers pencil out as a viable investment.  To avoid the expensive additional cost of battery storage (although we believe all vineyard should have it regardless of cost) the single line diagram from the engineering plans must be submitted along with the interconnection application, so it is a safe bet that if you would like this completed by April 14th to have contracted by the end of February, at the latest, as all solar companies are experiencing record demand at the moment (and this will only increase as the NEM 3.0 deadline approaches).